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Birthdate:Feb 28
∗ A P P E A R A N C E
Age:24 25. (4th August 2009 == 7th July 2010; birthday is 28th March realtime.)

Shinigami eye view: Name but no lifespan; he's a noteowner. Ownership expires 7th December 2010 21:29 GMT, with no backdoor unless I make one up.

Distinguishing features: Very thin, though not as much as some (~110lb). Deep scarring across the top of his left wrist. You won't ever see it unless and until he does something to reveal it, and it'll be tagged explicitly; he's ashamed of it.

Manner: Tends towards a flat, guarded stare, more the way you'd expect L to look at you; this icon and his default have it about right. His usual tone is spring water over broken glass; bright, even and completely uninvolved. Chatty in a detached fashion, even. Take the way early first-arc Light often speaks to Ryuk, make it less sinister, and turn up the musical pitter-patter. If he's being professional or matters are very serious, that fa├žade will drop away and he'll come across a lot more like L-mode second arc Light.

Hair: Slightly frizzy and brittle and stands out around his face. It's not an Aizawa-esque afro, it's just standard Light hair in poor condition. The ends tend to ducktail. It's calmed down a lot since he arrived in the mansion.

Clothes: Unexpectedly casual; usually a fleece jacket and sweater in dark, contrasting colours (he's inured to cold, but has a horror of it), and loose black jeans (they wear well).

Kira status: In-between. Has the notebook, but is too distracted by the world actually rotting to want to do anything about it metaphorically rotting. Has no time for Kira and his murderous ideology whatsoever, but ultimately views the whole business as an irrelevance.

Sexual orientation: What's that? Not particularly repressed, just hasn't had time, or interest, or privacy (Ryuk is watching). Mostly straight on paper, and not selfcesty, either.

Equipment: Doesn't travel light. He wears a backpack at all times - nothing colossal, just a small military-style pack of straight brown wool. It rattles when he moves fast. He wears a flat canvas bag against his lower back, beneath his clothes; it's empty. And, oh yeah, he has a sword, worn through his belt on the left-hand side. You won't see him without it; there are good reasons.

AU: Partially detailed here, with more brainstorming and so on on the LJ. There's a lot more in my head, which might get written up some time.
∗ O O C
From [info]fidrich's World War Z AU.

Do be warned, he's practically an OC. Think of how different Light is at the beginning and end of canon - this one goes off in another direction entirely, but ends up just as changed, yet similar in a lot of ways. It should still be possible to see what he once was, and to catch glimpses of what he might have been - and, just possibly, might still become.
canon @ mun @ game @ hmd/crit
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being a packrat, biochemistry, biological warfare, death notes, food, hating kamchatka, hating yurts, kitchens, libraries, necessity, not a refugee, not as planned, not freezing to death, privacy, public health, reclaiming japan, shut up ryuk, siafu, sleeping under the bed, the greater good, virology, zombie bastards, zombies

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