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[private] sing when you're winning

The room is a meadow.

The grass is deep and green, springlike. It slopes downwards, one hillock curving gently into the next. There are flowers here and there; the yellow and red of poppies, especially, stand out. Poppies are native to Kamchatka: spots of red and yellow on the western fields and on the slopes of the volcanoes. Light knows them well; it's part of his job. The hospital cultivates them.

The room is empty, and that's lucky, because Light would be hard to miss. He's moving through a sequence of positions, repeatedly. Each starts from a still position, before he draws his sword, cuts quickly to one side or both, and resheathes it, coming to rest again. Sometimes he spins to block attacks from behind. Sometimes he parries an invisible opponent.

His weight is healthier than it's been in the past, but the effect is rather like one of those poppies spinning in the wind, and always coming back to rest.
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[To Light, it will seem as though L steps into the meadow from nowhere, but of course he was in the corridor in the mansion, and he had been trying for the kitchen.

No food, then, but this is more interesting. He's caught Light in the middle of a form—a kata, his mind supplies, although he doesn't know where he might have learned that term. To the best of his extensive knowledge, Light never studied any martial art that focused so heavily on swordwork. Or at least, he thinks, he never did in my world. This Light clearly has, and he is just as clearly from some other place.

L stands where he arrived, hunched, hands in his pockets, and stares at Light with perhaps larger eyes than usual; he can already tell that this Light is a mystery in a way the rest are not. He doesn't say anything. He would rather let Light speak first. He doesn't have much information to go on regarding this one, and he would rather start gathering data as soon as possible.

His battered tennis shoes irritate him. On the whole, he's better off wearing them than not when he leaves his bedroom, but sometimes, like now, he attempts to rub his toes together and is prevented from doing so. It's a habit he should break, he supposes, if it's causing him annoyance.]
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[He's been in the mansion for a while, then, in which case there's another L somewhere, or he knows his world's L, who also goes by Ryuuzaki. Or both.

Just before L opens his mouth, the memory of the drug room flits across his mind. I am going to call you Light-kun now. It doesn't show on his face.]

Hello, Yagami-kun. I wasn't aware you were interested in iaido. [Which is not quite the right martial art, but it's surprisingly close, given that L hasn't made much of a study of martial arts besides his own.

Anyway, as far as L's concerned, being correct in that detail isn't important.]
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No. [He's transferred his unblinking stare to the sword.] But you've met another one of me here? [Light's phrasing seems to suggest it.]
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[L is tempted, actually, to see how long it would take Light to lose that contest. Because he would lose it, of course. But it might take some time.

Unfortunately, at this moment he has other things to stare at. That sword...]
That happened to me as well. [And he still has no idea that a year passed in the mansion while a week passed for him.]

That sword, Yagami-kun. Is it your father's? [He looks back up into Light's face as he asks the question, looking, as ever, for reactions. It looks like the one he saw in Soichiro's study on the surveillance cameras, but there are a lot more like it in other places, as well.]
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[He brings his thumb to his lower lip, and prods it in quite an unappealing manner.] We work together. [It's the same thing he told Simon, and it's just as technically true now as it was then, with the same unstated nuances.

It doesn't explain why he knows about the sword, though, unless Soichiro is in the habit of bringing home a lot of coworkers and showing them his study, which L thinks is unlikely.]
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Yes. [Perhaps oddly for someone who spends so little time around other people, L is perfectly comfortable under Light's stare. His own eyes do narrow slightly, though—or to put it a better way, they become a little bit less wide.] Which didn't happen in your world.

[But you know about it anyway. Was that other L talkative, or...?]
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[L tilts his head to the side.] Indeed. But I also find it fascinating, Yagami-kun, that the interesting and unusual Light Yagamis are those who are not mass murderers. [Just an observation.

Of course, Light could be a mass murderer who doesn't go by Kira. He could even be lying about Kira altogether, although L is fairly sure that he would have seen through it by now.

He has indeed noticed the outline of the pouch, but he hasn't given it much serious thought, in light of everything else. And in any case, given his lack of knowledge of this Light's world and circumstances, it would be premature, and possibly dangerous, to make assumptions.]
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I have met enough. [His head cants further to the side. It would be impossible to miss the change in Light's demeanor, but it's the tiny nuances of expression that he's watching.] Of both of us. It seems I'm essentially the same across many universes.

[He's never actually met another L.]
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Yes, I was a bit strange when I was younger. I've grown out of it, as you can see. [His tone of voice is quite bland. The first sentence is a lie, insofar as it can be taken to mean I was stranger than I am now, and you only have to look at him to see that the second is untrue.]
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[L keeps on staring. He really does watch people carefully, but it's also partially because he knows the staring unsettles people, and that's useful.]

Several months. It's a quiet place—[The rooms aren't always quiet, but he's referring to the scarcity of people.]—but the library is extraordinary.
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[In fact, histories, particularly of the Kira case, have been one of the things he's spent the most time on.]

I have read quite a few. But reliability is an issue, of course. [The biggest part of that issue is that any world where a historian knows enough to be useful is a world that's probably diverged significantly from his own, because he can't imagine that when he closes the Kira case he'll give out more information than is absolutely necessary. And even most of that, he thinks, will probably be highly classified. So the only histories that are likely to mirror his own reality—insofar as any histories mirror any reality—are written from the outside, volume after volume of social psychology and theorizing, mildly interesting at best and amusing at worst but never as informative as he requires.

In truth, lately he looks more and more for the histories with substantive information about other worlds' cases, because he can at least pick those apart: look for similarities and differences and guess how they might affect the outcome he's reading about, as compared with the inevitable one in L's own universe.]

Which of them do you read, Yagami-kun? Any in particular? [He is pretty sure, somehow, that Light has a particular cluster of worlds that he focuses on.]
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There are indeed any number of reasons for Light to conceal an item on his person. L would agree with that, if asked. And one of those reasons is that the item in question is a notebook that kills people.

But in the case of this particular Light, there are probably other potential explanations that he can't yet determine.

Immunology and virology. Some sort of plague or epidemic, then, perhaps...

Of more immediate interest is the fact that the meadow isn't cold enough to warrant a jacket, in L's opinion—and the Light that L is most familiar with didn't feel the need for a jacket in similar weather. And this Light has been exerting himself.

"Yagami-kun is cold, even after his training?" He sounds innocently surprised, but that's not the case, as Light can probably guess.
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He follows, his tennis shoes scuffing against the ground; he walks a bit clumsily, and always has. There's no reason to stay in this room, if Light's leaving. The scenery is attractive, he supposes, but that sort of thing has never been very high on his priority list.

"I was on my way to the kitchen," he remarks. "You are welcome to come with me." He imagines Light doesn't want to do any such thing. "Eating after exercise is important."

He remembers the café he and his world's Light had visited, but mostly his statement is meant to draw attention to Light's weight.
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Light is right: When L was younger, he was more economical about what he ate, but since he was eight, he's never been concerned about the possibility of running out of food. Short of being kidnapped, perhaps, or trapped in a disaster area, it seems unlikely. If there were some worldwide famine, he would of course cut back, but he has the funds to ensure that he wouldn't go hungry. And the mansion certainly seems to be willing to provide adequate supplies.

The idea that a zombie apocalypse might be a real possibility has never seriously crossed his mind.

He's surprised by Light's agreement, but not displeased; if he objected to the idea, he wouldn't have suggested it. "Very well."

He glances around. He's not sure where they are, which surprises him.

The direct route is usually the quickest. "Where are we, Yagami-kun?"
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"I see." The rotunda had been the outer limit of his exploration of the fourth floor, in one direction.

He sets off after Light. Normally, he would be just barely close enough behind Light to be annoying, but he doesn't try that now, for a few reasons. He has a feeling it probably won't work, and even if it would, there's nothing he really needs from this one.

Satisfying his curiosity would be worthwhile in itself, except for the fact that Light has a sword. L isn't afraid, or even nervous, but he doesn't know why Light carries it, and he hasn't reached his current position by ignoring potential threats. The risk, in short, is not worth the reward.

Anyway, it's not as though being mildly irritating for a short period of time would reveal the answers to all his questions.
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"Hm? Oh, no." As if he didn't understand Light immediately.

"I had cake earlier. I was planning on having ice cream and fruit. Or perhaps I should combine..." His voice trails off in thought; it's exaggerated, but not totally feigned. The idea is intriguing.
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L sees it, of course. "Would you like some as well?"

If he gambled, he would bet a considerable amount that Light's reaction isn't out of sadness that L hadn't offered to share his ice cream and fruit.
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"None of you are enthusiastic about sweets, no, under normal circumstances. You seem to think you are above them." He sounds a bit regretful. "It's a shame."
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L blinks, surprised again.

"No," he says. "I eat sweets often—" an understatement— "and I am usually considered underweight myself."
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