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<toph> *reading spam* Radio Free Earth! have you got to that bit yet? XD
<vashti> nooo!
<vashti> is that the radio thing??
<toph> yes!
<toph> there's like- if i remember right. there's like a boat floating out there entirely dedicated to it.
<vashti> \o/
<vashti> wooow
<toph> to picking up all the transmissions they can, finding out what's useful, and broadcasting it.
<toph> what's true and what's not, how to keep safe, all that kind of thing.
<vashti> that's such a good idea. *_*
<vashti> light would be all over that, if he had time.
<vashti> if.
<toph> *nodnods!* at the very least, i'm sure he'd have it on in the background as much as possible.
<vashti> yess.
<vashti> if there's the power for that?
<toph> (it's actually one of the most... idk, *awful* chapters in the book, i think. the people who work on the boat aren't allowed to help any of the distress transmissions they hear. and they hear a *lot*.)
<vashti> oh god. D:
<vashti> that would be
<vashti> that would be so indescribably awful.
<vashti> they can't give their location away?
<toph> UM UM i can't remember. /o\
<vashti> I WILL GET TO IT
<toph> "Ignorance was the enemy. Lies and superstition, misinformation, disinformation. Sometimes, no information at all. Ignorance killed billions of people. Ignorance caused the Zombie War."
<vashti> djf;h#
<vashti> *catches breath*
<toph> ooh, one of the things they mention broadcasting is how toculture and process mold spore for penicillin.
<vashti> useful.
<vashti> but, resistances, allergies. :/
<vashti> but.
<dumbo> but is, like, that relevant
<vashti> better than nothing, *way* better than nothing.
<toph> *nodnods!*
<vashti> I wonder about anaesthetics.
<toph> OH OH, have you got to the bit about - what is it called - Asymptomatic Demise Syndrome?
<vashti> noo!
<vashti> I'm on, um. Just got past Kiev. :/
<toph> (lol, i'm just reading this chat spam and going WOW YOU GUYS ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH)
<vashti> HAHAHA
<vashti> like I say, it's all open to revision in the light of, you know, ACTUAL CANON.
<toph> in the states, at least, a lot of people just died of hopelessness. even if they got behind the rockies etc.
<vashti> tossing ideas out and stuff, yy.
<vashti> yess. :(
<vashti> Lying down and not getting up again.
<vashti> and half the camp, I think, doesn't make it through the winter for exactly that reason. :/
<vashti> partly it's famine. partly it's disease. partly it's my-world-is-over-and-i-don't-like-it. :/
<vashti> the winters are worse, aren't they.
<toph> *nodnods* :(
<vashti> because everything burns.
<toph> the winters - well, there aren't any zombies. so suddenly half of the tasks they can do vanish.
<vashti> nothing to do but sit and think about it.
<toph> yeah. :/
<vashti> :(
<toph> no way to cultivate food, either. probably workin with the sick is the only thing anyone can do, but...
<vashti> wait, there's no agriculture?
<vashti> or not in winter?
<toph> oh, i was just assuming that there'd be heavy snowfalls etc - yeah, during winter.
<vashti> *nodnod*
<toph> once it gets warmer they can do stuff, but they're at risk again.
<vashti> I was theorising that whoever was officially, lol, "running the show", would probably try and make sure everyone had some kind of task.
<vashti> like, "sit here and count the number of people who pass by for a census"
<toph> if *i* had a chance to sit and think about that, i don't know what i'd do.
<vashti> "patrol the border, yes, we know it's winter"
<vashti> "find something to burn, anything."
<toph> ahh, yeah. but they wouldn't be able to do that for everyone, i don't think.
<vashti> no, I doubt it. :/
<toph> part of what's got to xyzzy so much is - he's sort of been in seige for so many years, and he *knows* how likely their chances of survival are.
<vashti> not great.
<toph> he recommended that they *not* put any resources into the base he's at, because it wasnt' likely to last. before he knew they were putting him there.
<vashti> oh, xyzzy. :/
<vashti> and now he's stuck there.
<toph> yeah. in theory, he's supposed to be working on finding alternative/homegrown power sources for the States, after the Saudis burned their oil fields. but.
<vashti> there's not enough.
<vashti> or there'll never be enough.
<vashti> I did have the idea they'd put a lot of effort into renewables. like, stupid little windmills and waterwheels and shit. pedal power. anything to drive a motor. but weather-dependent, and very, very limited.
<vashti> but, the sort of thing light would be good at. rigging up weird-ass contraptions like that thing in his desk.
<vashti> enough to run essential services.
<vashti> sometimes.
<vashti> possibly.
<toph> yeah. and he knows it, and the person he's working with knows it, and he also knows the likelihood of the nearby towns getting overrun, and that they won't be able to cope with all of the nearby towns zombified, and... yeah.
<toph> ooh!
<toph> yeah, i can see him doing that, or trying.
<vashti> attaching to the hospital turns out to shelter him from a lot of the worst effects of the camp.
<vashti> even though he has to deal with a hell of a lot.
<toph> *nodnods*
<vashti> mind you, zombies.
<vashti> basically, you keep your essential personnel alive first.
<vashti> in any emergency situation.
<toph> i can imagine the medical personell becoming - quite close-knit, defensive of one another in dangerous situations.
<vashti> yeah.
<vashti> looking out for each other.
<toph> because they've got *such* an important role.
<toph> *nodnods*
<vashti> light gets - he volunteers for the checks on incomers.
<vashti> because he wants to die, basically. he can't give up, and if he died doing something important, well, too bad.
<toph> so even if whoever's-running-the-show isn't able to keep them safe, the other med folk (and maybe the community in general?) do.
<toph> oh god.
<vashti> and ends up getting recruited as an assistant, because he keeps going, he doesn't go to pieces, he's clearly knowledgeable and able and fiercely intelligent.
<vashti> they hang onto him.
<vashti> and it's something he can devote himself to.
<vashti> and lose himself in.
<toph> *nodnods*
<vashti> and he's light, he knows it has more chance of getting him taken care of than hanging around in a tent with sachiko and sayu.
<vashti> plus, it's safer than the front lines. if there's such a thing as "not the front line".
<toph> hah, yeah. :-/

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