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[Light shrugs, leaning back against the counter.]

I grew up in Japan. Tokyo. I'm probably not supposed to tell you that, either.

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I knew it, though.

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Because we're all the same.

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You all have some similarities. I know Lights, remember?

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No, there are differences. We aren't that similar.

[He shakes his head - though, after that room, he'd almost trade with the others.]

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There are, you're right. You're one of the most unique of you.

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I diverge from the pattern.

[Something occurs to him, and his face tightens. He'd been in such a hurry to get away that he hadn't been thinking.]

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What's the matter?

[She can still read him.]

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[In a lot of ways, he's more readable than most Lights; he's closed, mostly unresponsive, but there's no deliberate deceit.]

I have to go back.

[To the room, he means.]

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What? No, fuck. They're not going to get out of there.

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Other people might.

[It's all he has to say, isn't it?]

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Jesus, you don't have to save everyone.

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[The look he gives her is frankly uncomprehending. Shaking his head, he abandons the teapot and heads for the door.]

It doesn't work like that.

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Wait. We have to plan this out.

[She eyes him for a moment, then turns away.]

Go there, wait at the door. Don't go in. If anything comes out, it'll have to be through you, right? You'll have the element of surprise on your side, you can screen the living ones for signs of infection as they emerge, too.

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That's the point. I—

[He should never have left. He wasn't thinking, and now if anything happens here, it will be his fault. But he pauses in the doorway.]

Are you coming?

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I'm getting food. I'll meet you there- we'll camp the night and we can't do that without eating somehting.

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[With a nod, he disappears around the corner. She'll find him outside the door to the room, leaning against the wall and determined to be ready for anything he'll have to do. Anything.]

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[She joins him, fifteen minutes later, with a carefully prepared tray of all sorts of bits and bites of strange things. Chai tea for two. Bread, and balsalmic vinegar in olive oil. Chocolate cake. Pepperoni. A dish of olives, two small glasses of brandy, a pile of mints, shaved roast beef (someone's leftovers) and a large bowl of what she decided was a rather inexplicable vegan frittata, in a tupperware in the fridge.]

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You brought cake?

[Curious, not judgy.]

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You looked like you needed cake.

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[That works. Reaching down, he takes one, but doesn't sip it; instead he cradles the cup in his hands.]

Nobody's come out yet. I might have missed someone.

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I was in there- I was the first one there, and we were some of the last to leave. A long time. I saw two moving bodies, and only two. I know both of them were disposed of without biting anyone. Something could have happened that I missed, but I doubt it.

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[Again, that small shake of his head. He can't rely on that.]

You said you'd tell me who you saw in there, when we were outside.

[His hands shift around the cup. He looks exhausted, drained.]

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Two versions of you- Misa. Mello. B. Um.

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